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Eyal Yurconi is a dynamic speaker, author and entrepreneur who, for the past 8-years has passionately helped thousands of young adults turn their dreams into realities. He has engaged juvenile delinquents, the academically gifted, college athletes, high-tech engineers and the mentally challenged in diverse personal development and peak performance programs such as "The Fire Within," "Academic Excellence," and the "Teacher's Edge."

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Quick facts about Eyal…
  • Born and raised in Rehovot, Israel
  • He was a world ranked tennis player and played division I college tennis
  • Ran a marathon at age 25
  • Founded, co founded and partnered on 6 enterprises
  • Holds a BA in psychology and an M.A in mass communication & diplomacy
  • The first seminar he ever conducted was a speed reading seminar
  • Favorite color is Bordeaux
  • Favorite book is "A New Genesis" by Shimon Peres
  • Favorite dish is Pasta Primavera
  • He also likes to composes music, work out and plays strategy games
  • He has 4 year old Boxer/ Amsaff named Tigi. Grrr…..

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    This is Being Great: winning the battles within, the book site for the self help and success psychology book by Eyal Yurconi that shows young people how to be great and succeed and change their lives by transforming their philosophy and psychology and learning about personal finances and solving problems creatively and living a great life successfully.