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Being Great: Winning the battles within is a unique non-fiction book that teaches Gen -X'ers and Y'ers (ages 16-35) how to take charge of their lives, overcome challenges and make great decisions. By focusing on five major subjects: success psychology, personal finance, health, creativity and relationships, Being Great offers the reader a comprehensive guide to self mastery, personal power and boundless fulfillment.
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A few quick facts about Being Great…
  • It's been in the making for 2 years
  • It's 400-pages long!
  • Research process included more than 500 Interviews/Sources/Authors
  • It contains more than 178 insights and distinctions
  • It's spiced with 129 inspirational quotes by larger-than-life individuals
  • It features analysis of 57 real-life stories of human greatness
  • It offers 29 practical strategies for immediate implementation!

  • "A powerful display of knowldge" 
      Dr. Emeka Okoli, fulbright scholar"

    "This book is a pleasure to read. I hope all human beings will read it and benefit from its wisdom" 
    - Cynthia Sherman -

    "If there is one thing this book has given me its focus. I know my strength a bit better, I know how to use them a bit better, and I no longer give up on myself when things get hard." 
      Linda Harkin - Student, Brooklyn College

    "This is a must read for anyone who knows that life is truly for living, but hasn't quite figured out how to do it" 
    - Cynthia Sherman - Prof. Andrew Craft -Professor of Screenwriting, NY

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    This is Being Great: winning the battles within, the book site for the self help and success psychology book by Eyal Yurconi and mark tulchinski that shows young people how to be great and succeed and change their lives by transforming their philosophy and psychology and learning about personal finances and solving problems creatively and living a great life successfully.